Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweet Dreams

The week has been a little tame after the harder sessions previously but I am not complaining. I managed to get to swim training on Friday morning and had a reasonable was pretty crowded and I did a warm up with the pull buoy and skipped the medley. we then did a 100m easy, fast, medium , fast ,firm fast followed by a 50m set with the same format and then repeated with 100m fast,easy,fast ,firm and then a 50m set of fast , easy,fast medium ,fast and firm and then a cool down.I  did about 2.5km and I managed to stay behind Lockie for the whole set.

Managed to attend all 3 swim sessions this week. It was a relaxing week despite some hard sessions. The water was nice and cool with the temperature for Friday 19 November climbing rapidly to 38 by noon.I had breakfast after the swim and then at 12.30 i did my easy run.i ran for under an hour around Kings Park.It was 38 degrees and there was just one other runner about. It was hot but managed to keep a reasonable pace just above 5.30 min per km.

Ran just under 10 km .I must have lost a  bucket of sweat. There were no taps around so it was pretty hard going towards the end .

Saturday 20 November.....Last of the longish rides just 3 hours at sub threshold.I got my Zipps ready and the bike had been serviced and thought I will try  the bike out .Got to the Narrows by 5.45 am and started my ride .The wind wasn't bad and there were only a few cyclist about . I managed to get into a nice rhythm although the gears were not working at 100%.  The speedo was also causing some trouble .I had put my garmin on my bike bars using the garmin attachment so that was working well.

The weather was overcast and muggy but the wind was behaving itself . I got to the 50km mark after Safety Bay Road in about 1.25 and then had a quick stopover and thought the ride back would be tougher with the wind  but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to keep up my pace and did the 100km in  2.53. I ran off the bike for a short 10 minutes and felt pretty good. As I arrived back at my car under the Narrows bridge ,  a cyclist rolled   in and was greeted by I presume his girlfriend who was waiting for him ...looked like it was a long ride by the welcome he got from her . They were still in a tight embrace as I drove  off.

The Cottesloe groyne where a shark was spotted last week

No wetsuit swim

On Sunday Morning had the usual swim but we decided to have a short dip as the sky was pretty dark with clouds although it was not raining. The water was absolutely still and the only thing missing was the Jaws soundtrack.

We spent more time at the John street Cafe . Just 14 days to race day .Sweet Dreams are made of this.