Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back In the Saddle

After the unplanned absence from training for a whole 4 days I started back on Monday with a revised run plan. The weekend was not a whole waste .I did all the things I do not get to do when I am training.First and foremost I rested .I makes an amazing difference to me. I got antibiotics and lots which really helped . I slept in on Saturday for the first time in months. But I did have an AGM to attend for the Ethnic Disability Advocacy centre which Iam acting President till the AGM . It went off well and I was glad I was not cycling down the freeway and then rushing to the meeting .

I dropped by Tony's place after the AGM and then went home and took Jonathan to the pool for a few hours and ran into Denise and Deb Kirkham both from North Coast .

I was contemplating riding on Sunday but the spirit was strong but the flesh was weak.I decided to just take it easy for another day.I was still wheezing and thought it would not help now if I got worse.

I spent the rest of the day at Whiteman park with Jonathan which was a really nice day but there were lots of flies about. It is summer when you know the flies are out in force.

I swam in the evening and ran at lunch time and after work .i did a 54 minute run and a 40 minute run respectively clocking 17.4 km I went a little harder at lunch time and ran round Kings Park and then to UWA and then back a long the river.I managed to keep the pace to just over 5.10  per km for the 10 km and felt good despite the difficulty breathing. After work I ran over the narrows bridge and did 7km in about 40 minutes , a little slower .

Went to the pool after the run and did my session with a PB as i did not want to get my legs any more fatigued. We did the usual warm up with fins and then some drills and then a 1400m set of 400m, 2 x 200m , 4x 100m and 4 x 50m. It was pretty good set and I stayed at the back . Got lapped by the front group but I was tired by the end of the session. Just need the lungs to get stronger after the flu and I should be fine.

Have had far too many bouts of flu this winter compared to just the one last year . Fortunately the last bout wasn't too severe and feel alot better now.

Heading to the pointy end of the training and my last hard week . Will try and make the best of the training session. Feeling a lot more relaxed about the training and comfortable. In the scheme of life , I am ahead when I get out of bed and can spend a couple of hours training but having some down time has worked wonders too. I used to get very anxious when I missed sessions as though a programme was a treasure map to Ironman Nirvana . It never is, there are too many variations in factors that can make or break the day . Training to the race conditions as best as I can  and just getting into a routine are probably more critical to race preparation. I plan to get my nutrition sorted out and just stick to a regime.

Tuesday as usual was the last hard session in the 3 week cycle and for everyone else at exceed it was an easy week with a ride round the river . There was just Michelle and me . i got there before 5.30 am and off we went .Five laps of just over 10kms of the same road with all the undulations. I managed to keep the pace up and at the end my garmin indicated an average of 32.8 kph with the ride out so it was about a km slower in pace than last week. But there was just the two of us . On lap 4 we passed a guy on a mountain bike who was pedaling with a very high cadence and then a km later he passed us in our carbon bikes .I managed to catch him just as he was turning off our route towards the city.  Michelle mentioned how she was looking forward to the easy week but I can't say I am exhausted as I had a break from training with the flu .It was good to be back training  and it was a good effort given how tired my legs were from the run the day before.

I did have a few mechanical issues at the start as my gears were not shifting as well . The bike gets serviced in a few weeks in preparation for Busso. Starting to check the gear including the zipps . The tires will need to be changed  as well.