Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hard Week

After Tuesdays hard ride my legs were very much spent and I opted to rest in the morning and run at Lunch time . I  did a 1 hr session with 6 x 1km at threshold running around the river .It was a fairly warm day and managed to run about 10.5 km . I swam in the evening and we did the usual warm up and then a set totalling 2.5 km

On Thursday , I got up before 5 am but it was raining so I just stayed in bed till about 5.30 am and decided it was OK to ride .But about 20 minutes into the ride it started to rain and I just had to continue. I rode to Nedlands and did a single loop .There were only 4-5 cyclist about . I just did my high cadence ride  and then headed to Tiger Lily's where the few who showed up for transitions practice that morning were having breakfast.

I had a close shave on the way to Nedlands with a Ute towing a trailer squeezing me off the road .Luckily there was a driveway and I managed to turn in and onto a pavement although the vehicle clipped my handlebars. The guy didn't even see me and there was no reason for him to deviate from his line of direction instead of moving even closer to the kerbside.

Well lesson learnt , just try as much as possible to be in their line of sight.

I rode home without any further incident thankfully .Managed only 54km .

On Friday I swam in the morning and again did about 2.4 km . It was warmer swimming in the morning than in the evening. I then did a run in the evening ,I did 14.5 km over 1.25. It was an easy run and managed a steady pace of around 5.40 minutes per km. It was a windy evening and I ran to Matilda Bay and saw lots of Kite surfers  kite surfing around the river from Matilda bay. I then ran back to the office along the river. My legs were pretty sore by now . I was not looking forward to the ride tomorrow as I knew my legs were pretty fatigued by the last few days of training.

Terry Tyzacks Pool , Inglewood