Saturday, October 16, 2010

The hard week

I wanted to be as current as I could with my blog but as the training load increased and work has made it difficult.

Having  been through the build up to an Ironman I know what to expect from the programme .The long runs have built up to 2 hrs and the Tuesday ride is now 1.5 hrs hard at threshold.I did my long run on Sunday evening as it gives me time to recover on Monday.I did a straight swim session for 40 minutes and did not swim with the squad in the evening.

I had a North Coast Meeting in the evening but could not make it .

Tuesday is always the hard day with a hard cycle session.i managed to get to Nedlands by 5.30am and started the session with Michelle and Jeremy. Kept up and took my turn for the whole time.Michelle was tiring and hung on which was unusual for her. I felt reasonably comfortable and strong .we averaged 34.5kph with my ride to Nedlands included so we were riding a bit faster than 34.5kph.

I managed approximately 68km .It was a good mornings work and gave me some confidence that my cycling is improving .

Wednesday was harder as I was still feeling the effects of Tuesdays ride and decided to double up my training in the afternoon.I did my interval run of 6 x 1km at threshold and managed approximately 15km in 1.20hr.I then did the squad swim session..Did 2.5km for the session.

Thursday I decided to ride to Birwood and see if i could catch the exceed riders .they were gone but I caught up with them a few minutes later and they were doing hill repeats and so I joined them .I was doing a high  cadence ride and it was hard spinning up the inclines with everyone in their big chain ring.My legs were smashed after the session even though that wasn't the intent.It is to build the aerobic system without tiring the legs. Again did about 65km with the ride home.

Friday , did my swim in the morning with speed work and enjoyed the session. managed only 2.3 km In the evening I did an 1.05 run along the coast and watched the NCTC Aquathon. It has been a hard week with the long ride on Saturday.

With many other commitments my time management has had to be spot on .

Finally , on a bumper sticker I saw on a car it said " Please Lord , help me become the person my dog thinks I am"

I thought about it and an an apt variation for me would be " Please Lord help me be the triathlete I want to be"