Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Spring Day

Sunday 4 October 2010 

I felt pretty rested after yesterdays hard session. Whilst Sunday is a rest day , I did go for a swim at the Cott with tony.It was a beautiful day .Clear skies , no wind , a slight swell and lots of stingers ...but we did not know that till we got in.It was quite cold as well. I did feel more comfortable in the sea and managed to get to OBH without zig zagging .We did swim a bit further out to avoid the swell.We then continued on to the Blue Duck Cafe and then hit the stingers clustering right in the sea off the Blue Duck Cafe. Exactly where they were last week. We then swam back with lots of discomfort around the face and ears where I got most of the stingers.It would have been a 1.5-1.7km swim in about 45 mins.

Got changed and initially went to John Street Cafe for coffee and muffins but service was pretty bad ie. no one took our order so we went to Georges in City beach and met up with Trevor .The rest of the day was just spent hanging around the house with the kids and going with Jonathan to the Park . Looking forward to the easy week .Ross sent a short message with the programme for October.

" John,  
You know the drill, going shorter this year and hopefully fresher for you. Keep at it .
PS You probably do not know how much the others talk about you and the way you have improved over the years. Sometimes people do not want to say it to your face but they are all very impressed with what you have achieved. Just thought you would want to know."
It is nice to know and its all about staying the distance.Most of all , I enjoy the sessions with the squad it makes all the training more enjoyable.