Saturday, October 2, 2010


Saturdays ride is always my toughest training day . Today was no different . It was to be a 4 hr ride at sub threshold and run off the bike.

Again it was the AFL Finals today after the draw last week.I had a late start ,starting at 6.20am .I was feeling alot better than last week although a half hour into the ride my HR was still pretty low .I was hovering around 130-135 and needed to be at 140-45. That was a real struggle for the rest of the ride.About 25km into the ride ,Jay came up and joined me.he was only riding 90km and I rode with him for about 40 mins before he turned around.We were doing a good pace and  I thought I would be able to do a good average speed.But as I continued down the freeway bike track, the headwind just got worse and it was a struggle.By the 60km mark I was riding at an average 29.5 kph.After the turn around it improved and I was able to get my average speed up to 32.4 kph .It was hard and I could not get my HR up much.There wasn't too many cyclist out and several inline skaters about.

I managed to complete the ride in 3.51 as my return speed was faster than the ride down because of the effect of the headwind going down. I did a 30 min run off the bike and the legs felt good although they were pretty tired and hurting in the last hour of the ride.It was good to be off the bike.

It was a hard session and I was pretty spent for the rest of the day.Had lunch at IKEA and was dozing off .
At least next week is an easy week before the hard work starts. Ross sent the October programme and it goes up a notch .

Bike : 280km  or approx. 9.5hours
Run : 4.15 or 45 km
swim : 2.15 hrs
total: 15.50