Sunday, October 10, 2010


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WHILST MY MAIN COMPUTER has crashed , the week has been an easy one as far as training goes .I am waiting for a new computer and hopefully by the end of the week I will it all set up and ready .Hence pictures I have taken have not been loaded on my blog.

I have continued with training but it has all been light accept for the swimming.which is as usual.

In brief , I had an easy 1.15 run on Monday with no swim as I swam on Sunday .Did a 11.60km run very slow. Then on Tuesday rode around the river and on Wednesday swam in the morning and then did my run in the evening with 12 x 30 sec efforts in the 1.05 run..On Thursday I rode around the river again but from home and cycled home after work as well. Friday  I ran an hour easy at lunch time and then had my swim training .The lunch time run was hot but otherwise a good easy run.

On Saturday , I again rode from home round the river.Tony had a puncture and returned early and we continued till I lost the group and then jumped on the CRT group and rode till Mt Henry Bridge and then back to Claremont before meeting up with everyone and heading to Subiaco .Had coffee and a muffin before cycling home.It was pretty warm especially with my long sleeve cycling jersey.

It was a rush to get to Sorrento to marshall the Sorento challenge a 1.2 km swim, 7km paddle and 7km run.
It was a great day for a race ,perfect water conditions and no wind but the run was warm..I got a bit of sunburn just standing near the turnaround for the run course.

The hard week starts next . Today I watched the Ironman Championship in Kona . Great Inspiration and well done to Chris McCormack and Miranda Carfrae and everyone who got to the big dance in Kona.  

Run : 3.20 or 34 km
bike: 7.5 hrs or 200km
swim: 2.15 or 5.2km