Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day Hillary Triathlon

Sean O'Neil wins again

Transition Area

My bike at Transition

It was only fitting that I do a triathlon on Valentines Day.My wife loves to sleep and I spend more time with my mistress the bike , that it was natural that my morning on valentines day would be with her.

After all I not only ride her , I clean her and she has her very own room . The Hillary Triathlon is part of the TWA Triathlon Series and it was a perfect day for a race.The Triathlon Pursuit was a 750m swim, 21km ride and 5km run .Lots of familiar faces.I decided not to ride out to the start as I think that would be pushing the whole weekend training bit a tad too far.

I drove down and it was nice to have a race in my backyard.Had lots of time to get set up and even helped Rob with changing a flat tyre a Newbie had before the race.I had to change the tube on my back wheel as well as it was completely flat when I was loading the bike.First flat in over 10 months .

The race was in waves and mine was the seventh .I found the swim initially hard but after the first buoy settled into a good rythmn. I got to the beach in the rectangular swim in about 16 minutes and I wasn't last.

I got my race belt , helmet and sunnies on and off I was to the bike line with my first attempt at transition with the shoes clipped on.As I was wheeling the bike the rubber band holding my shoe/ crank pedal horizontal broke and they were flopping around which made the mount difficult but I eventually got there.It was a 3 lap circuit with a few slight climbs. My computer did not work so I had no idea how fast I was going accept that I got off the bike at about 1.58 into the race and had a very good dismount of the bike.Even the bike Marshall at the dismount area was impressed. I passed a few people in T2 so something must be right. The run was a straight out and back course but it was hot and my legs were jelly. I hung in there and finished in under 1.25

Pleased with the weekend and my transitions and I know where I am with my running.