Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bicycle dreams

Today after work and my morning bike ride , the group I ride with on Tuesdays gathered to watch Bicycle dreams.I won't spoil it for those who have not seen it but it is worth watching if you are an endurance junkie.

Nothing is tough in conparison to riding for 12 days with minimal sleep trying to cover 3000 miles.That in a nutshell is the Race Across America ( RAAMS )


Here is a summary of the film from another cyclist blog : RAAMblings - Sandy's RAAM Blog: Movie Review - Bicycle Dreams

I enjoyed the film , the company and the enduring spirit of challenging ones mental and physical endurance. It is humbling . I will never see my long rides in quite the same context after watching this film.

Training has started with swimming resuming on monday and I did a 2.3km session of drills . I then ran in the evening for 50 minutes trying to maintain a 96spm .the wind was howling along the river but I managed to maintain the stride rate above 92 atleast.

Tuesday turned out to be an easy day with a casual ride around Nedlands doing loops while the rest practised their transitions.

Needed the break I think.