Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its the journey

"If I have given my all and still do not win. I haven't lost. Others might remember winning or losing. I remember the journey." Apollo Ohno, Olympic speed skater

After the hard ride on Tuesday , I was able to rock up for swimming on the Wednesday morning and it was a hard session .I did about 2.4km and was lagging behind the others . I ended up being about 300 meters behind the main swimmers in my lane .At least I know what Iam doing wrong.Its trying to correct the faults that aren't so easy.

I do know that I swim lots better with a Pull buoy and that keeps my legs from dragging which is part of the problem.I do have to relax more and still try to focus on so many minor but critical issues .But half the problem is knowing there is a problem.

On Wednesday evening the temperature for the day was hovering in the high 30s centigrade and I decided to run on the thread mill.It was hot in the gym even with the airconditioning and I did a hills session of 50 minutes with a maximum 7.8% gradient .I am now managing to hold a cadence above 92 and at times above 96 .So I am making some progress.Still haven't ventured out to do any long runs which I do need to focus on. Did just under 8.5km today.

Thursday was the usual bike ride round the river with Tony.Up early and I got out the door at 5am . It was again a hot day at 42degrees. We got round to Applecross and over the bridge and down to South Perth where we stopped for a quick cool drink at the DOME Cafe before I headed to the city and work.It was then a short ride home after work. A total of 70kms .

View of City from South Perth at 745 am on the ride

Friday was a rest day as there was no swimming and I finished work late so did not have time for the planned run.

Saturday was another warm day and I headed out early for the ride down the freeway cycle path. I was planning on a 4hour ride. I managed 1.50 down the freeway to the turn off at Baldivis. About 55km and then turned back.I was doing well and kept it reasonably easy for the first hour and then moderate for the next hour. I then started to go harder and about half way through that session I ran into a fellow rider Bruce. we talked for a few minutes then he took off and I tried to stay with him and managed that for 30 minutes till he started to slow up as he had a new saddle and he was sore.I then took off and managed a good pace around 34-35kph and got to Mt Henry Bridge averaging 30.7kph for the 100km . It was then back home via the city and traffic but I did about 110km averaging over 30kph. It was hot by then and the wind was strong across the path.

I got back just after 10 am and ran off the bike for 30 minutes.I did 10 x 30 sec sprints in the middle of the session and I was really feeling it in the legs but they were definitely lots better than last year .I hadn't really pushed myself on the ride to the point my legs were stuffed.

The lesson is to try and control the ride so there is still some strength in the legs .