Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meditation , Focus and Dreams

The training week was fairly light .

On Tuesday while everyone was doing transitions , I rode around Nedlands at an easy pace with Lajos ,JL ,Ben and Rod . That evening I skipped the workout at the gym to watch Bicycle dreams.

Wednesday turned out to be a rest day as I just slept in and worked late. Life just can't be planned with precision ? Thursday turned out to be a mega training day as I rode from home to Tony's and then round the river via Freo , Applecross and Mt Henry before heading to work .A total of 60kms and then home via the gym .I did approximately 76 km .I then did 40 minutes of core work in the gym and cycled home .It was a massive training effort .I slept in on Friday morning and did my swim session in the evening. We did a few drills and a few 100 and 50 m sprints. A total of 2.3 km.

On Saturday I decided to ride North to Two rocks a regular ride for the Club and as expected caught up with the few who were riding , at the McDonalds Joondalup. I did an easy 1.5hrs and then a harder 1.5 hrs .Just short of 90km .The weather was a lot cooler and the wind seemed favourable for most of the ride so it wasn't too bad. Had coffee and a good chat with everyone before riding home which was a further 24km . I ran off the bike for 32 minutes.The first 15 minutes I was able to keep my cadence above 92 and close to 96 but the return run was harder and I struggled with the cadence and I think I was just hungry.

I have read a few articles including Coach Troys blog about Training and racing in your 20s v 40s .He makes lots of sense but as triathletes it is difficult to accept limits . I do find it harder to recover from a hard session and I think the lack of a defined programme has been good.

Another interesting comment made in his blog:
In my audio CD I produced in 2004 called IRON FOCUS, I made a comment that people have told me resonates with them... "'Triathlon' is what you do, it's not what you are... it doesn't define you as a person." You've gotta maintain that balance.

Again so true but can I see the wood from the trees.

Having said that I do find the training both mental and physical .It is my form of meditation . There is just you running , swimming or cycling.Nothing else.It is the only time I can hear my self think , my heart beat and my breath .It is the only time I am in nature. I actually hear natures sounds ,like this morning ,the Galahs squawking away as they flew around .All else is immaterial.I am in that moment ...focused.

Lastly I read a number of articles and websites on endurance cycling including a ride from Perth to Albany organised by the Audax Club.The club also sanctions 24 Hour rides by riders or group of riders .The current record is 605km in the 24 hours.

The Audax website:

I wonder if I can get anyone interested in a 24 hour ride?