Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Unnatural Swimmer

Another week begins after a weekend of no training which was unplanned. But after Fridays swim I was exhausted and just slept a lot .I did start the week well with Swim training in the morning.A good session of 2.3km with a 500m warm up with free and 200 medley.Followed by a 300m firm , 200 firm , 200 firm , 100 med , 100 med , 100 x 1.5 times a total of 1600m and then a cool down with the kick board and free for 200m. Ran on the threadmill in the evening for 50 mins @90-96 cadence with 10 x 30secs and 45 secs flat out (15.5kph).

Ross did say that everything about my stroke is unnatural so I do have my work cut out in respect to improving my performance in the water. Having said that , I know I am slow as in the water but I firmly believe I can improve no matter what. It will take time and I intend to keep focusing on the stroke and getting it as perfect as I can. Unnatural or otherwise , there is no turning back.

Tuesday morning , I rode from home at 5am to nedlands , a distance of 18.5km and then did an hour hard with Johnny, Ten , Michelle and myself with a new rider to the group , J .It was hard and I had to miss my turn in the front rotation as J was driving the group really hard. In the last lap he took off and the rest of us just tried to stick it out.Very impressive riding from the rest of the group especially the girls who kept attacking and pushing the pace.I was coughing up a lung but managed to hang in there by just picking the times I would rotate to the front.We did over 36km and my average was 36.8kph.That is the fastest for a Tuesday session to date.

I rode a total of 70km for the day riding to East Vic Park after work to get my new car.I don't think too many people cycle in to the sales room to collect their car.

But every time I feel my training is hard I just think of Rod and Julianna. The Race is becoming very hard going especially when you get sick.

The latest email from them:


So since Gondar we have ridden 7 days and had one rest day. We are now in Addis Ababa. It seems that either Juliana or I have been moderately ill the whole time. There is this low grade nausea that is making the rounds and Juliana had a passing out deal one night that we are doing some blood tests to figure out what happened - we will keep you posted.

The riders that still have ridden every f'ing inch is now down to 14 - we are two of them. You can definitely see a shift in peoples' attitude once they ride the bus, they suddenly don't care about riding and jump on the bus if they just don't feel like riding.

So as far as us and the race goes we have gone into just completely stages these last few weeks with what feels like none ending illness. So this means riding the heart rate at or under 70%.

Feb 14 115k, 4:22 from Gondor to Farm Camp. Today was just a survival day as last night Juliana passed out and I was scared that she was going pass out at anytime. This camp was stupid because the kids were trying to steal everything from right under you nose.

Feb 15 61k, 2:13 to Bahir Dar. Nice short day with a party that night. Rod started to feel ill this night and ended spending the whole next day - a rest day - sleeping unable to move. On the ride about 10 minutes out of camp we where going through a village when an old battle axe ran in front of me. I went down but not too hard - but still pissed off.

Feb 17 162k, 6:47. Bahir Dar to Field Camp. Rod was still ill from the rest day and the cycling to survive continued. Rod had no power and pretty much whimpered trying to hold Juliana's wheel.

Feb 18 116k, 5:32. Today was rollers and damn neared killed Rod. He felt like he was working flat out like 80% to 90% of max HR when in fact it was under 60%. Again Juliana pulled Rod along as he cried and whimper for her to go slower.

Feb 19 86k, 4:46. Today ended with a 22k time trial up the Blue Nile Gorge - 1600m elevation gain. We rode as hard as we could but again we had to back off due to Rod up-chucking and cutting the heart rate back to below 80%.

Feb 20 4:08, 87k. Today Rod felt worse then yesterday, the TT did not help. The suffering continues.

Feb 21 5:04, 102k. A none race day and finally Rod and Juliana are both feeling good at the same time.

The last week or so has seen us loss time in the race but this was require in order to try to get better - stay EFI. We have also ridden together every day so far, this has been nice.

We are both well and in good spirits although the illnesses of the last few weeks have tested our mood.

Rod and Juliana