Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swimming Hurts

It has been an unplanned but easy week .I swam on Monday , Wednesday and Friday and have done at least 7.5 km this week.I only rode once and as everyone else was doing a bike and run brick I was riding alone mostly so did not really push myself.I did only one treadmill session on Monday and then really just had a big rest for the rest of the week.Decided against a long ride on Saturday as I felt tired from the swim session on Friday .It was a surprisingly hard set.500m warm up, 1300m with 400 fast and rest firm followed by a 400m swim with 200 fast and an 8 x50m swim and then a cool down. I had my stroke filmed on Wednesday so once I get the CD I will post it up .It will be worthwhile to compare my stroke to the film 18 months ago.Whilst I am not a natural swimmer ,I do believe that hard work can improve my efficiency .

I read Bret Suttons short piece again in an earlier TBB newsletter and the message was simple : swimming hurts.It does now with my focus on getting my elbows and arm as high during the stroke cycle , stretching my arms and turning my hips and importantly getting my arm in the right position when pushing back through the water.A lot to think about especially as my legs are still dragging and I need to be efficient in getting my legs up.

Lots to work on and I have my work cut out for me even though the swim leg is not critical I do want to cut the time down .

I will be running and swimming tomorrow and then i will be back to my training cycle although I am doing a lot more mileage than the same time last year.

Armstrong v Lieto on the Queen K