Sunday, January 17, 2010

Starting Slow

The weekend started with a slow ride to South Perth to meet up with some North Coasters riding the Freeway.My first ride since Boxing day and the weather was going to be hot.

There were about 10 of us and after approximately 8km ,past mt Henry bridge , the group broke up a bit and Lee was pushing the pace .I managed to hang on and it wasn't too bad .We cycled approximately 40km down the freeway before turning back.Quite a few cyclist jumped on our train and there was a group from Freo Tri Club cycling down to Mandurah some 90km from S Perth (the narrows bridge). I only had 1 bottle of electrolyte and one nut bar. Big mistake as on the the return leg I was really feeling tired and my quads were hurting especially after the gym session on Thursday night . I was still sore from the gym work. I managed to hang on till the end and drifted in a few minutes behind the main group. My legs were completely shot .

On the way back we passed a few North coasters training for IM China . I posted a quote from Commander Collins , the founder of Ironman racing which I think is apt :

“Ironman has always been about finishing what you have started. About being able to do what you have set out to do. Maybe not as fast as the person in front of you but certainly faster than the person that never started” - John Collins, Founder of The Ironman Triathlon.

For those who were out on the freeway including that very nice Freo tri club girl .

And one of the comments on facebook following the quote :

Thanks John. I think you were inspired to put it up for me too - REALLY doubting myself today and my decision. Honestly, thanks. I am going to steal it :) Keep smiling, it was great to see it today :)
Yesterday at 17:31 ·

Which made it it all worthwhile , the ride , the pain and seeing everyone on the ride.

Once we got back to mends Street Jetty in S. Perth , everyone did a short run off the bike while I had a nice cappuccino at the Dome cafe . It wasn't too hot and with the slow ride to the start point approximately 15km , I had averaged 31 kph for the 95km . I managed to get a lift from Lee to Wanneroo Road which was approximately 7-8 km from home and cycled the rest of the way back . My legs were quite sore and it was pretty hot by the time I got back (over 30C ).

Sunday was even hotter 42C but i got my hour run in early at about 8am .It was over 30C and there was no one on the streets .I did several hill repeats on a slight gradient about 6 degrees .I tried my best to keep my cadence at 96 per minute but found that incredibly hard even with smaller strides.I will just have to keep at it.It was easier on a thread mill.

I spent the rest of the day resting and in the arvo working on the Clubs survey.

I have finalised the races I will be doing :

THE 2010 Triathlon Racing Calender

1) Jan 26 Australia Day Triathlon ( I have decided not to race Aust Day )
2) Feb 14 Hillarys Triathlon
3) March 14 Champion Lakes Tri
4) April Point Walter OD Tri
5) May 1 Busselton HIM 2010
6) August Painathon (if it is on )
7) Aug/Sep City to Surf marathon
8) October Bunbury OD Tri
9) December IMWA 2010

The core races will be the Half and IMWA.

I may also do some running races along the way .

The training has begun.