Monday, January 25, 2010

Week Two

The week of training has ended quietly .I am slowly getting into the routine but mixing up my training with shorter but harder sessions.

On Saturday I skipped my longish ride and just did a spin session at the gym and rode to the gym in my mountain bike . A 1.5 hr session.

On Sunday I rode to Tony's and then swam at Cottesloe .I was having difficulty sighting and swam in a zig-zag manner making my progress painfully slow.Again I would have rode approximately 30km and that made 160 km of cycling . I plan to do more this week.

I skipped swimming this morning and ran in the evening for 45 mins .I managed to climb Jacobs ladder 5 times .(That is a staircase leading to Kings Park with approximately 100 steps ) .There were lots of boot camp trainees with their personal trainers and at least 15 people using Jacobs so at times the climb slowed to a walk. My legs were sore but it will be a regular feature in my training now.

I am trying to incorporate short but hard and intense sessions to build my strength as I slowly tackle and increase the cycling and running distances.