Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I want to Understand ....

My Training has started slowly. The way I like it .I have no specific priority race in the horizon and I have decided not to do the Australia day Tri ...Its a great work out but at $60 I have decided to ride with the boys and have a good coffee at the end of the ride .

On Monday , I slept in , great start but it was hot .I did do my thread mill run for 1 hour with 10 x 30sec ( go as hard as you can ) which for me was 15kph and the warm up and warm down was at 10kph for an overall 8.5km .Even though it was in the gym it was quite warm .

Tuesday was my first ride back in the group .We were riding out of Shelley and as I wasn't sure how to access the shower in my building I parked at Beatty Park pool and rode to Shelly which was a 15 km trip and a nice warm up .Met up with Jamie and T and a new guy joining the group .We rode out on the freeway cycle path to Mt Henry and I led the way and got there a good ten minutes early. Ross grouped us up and as it was pretty warm the last few days , it was decided we would do 45 min hard ride. My group of 3 started off with the girls but we moved ahead averaging 35-40kph .The Shelley loop is flat and fast . We had a near collision with a corgi type dog walking on the road but managed to avoid hitting the dog .Eventually we were passed by the fast group and merged with the girls .I took my turn at the front and we were rotating smoothly for the first lap . Jamie in the fast group clipped the front rider and went down but was unhurt and the bike was OK but for a bent rear wheel.

The ride was hard but I was happy I hung in there taking my turn at the front without missing a turn for the whole duration. I had averaged with the ride out to Shelley and the 2 and half loops in Shelley approximately 32kph and I had done over 43km .All up I did 60km and had averaged 30kph for the 2 hours of riding. It was a good start but my legs were sore.

In the evening I did a 45 min gym work out with the emphasis on the arms and core strength. I slept well that night. Wednesday was a light day with a swim in the evening .As Ross is still off at least from the swim , Luke ran the session. I did about 2.5km . A 300 m warm up and 400 drill and then 10 x 100 free plus 50 breast /backstroke.I had a cramp doing the backstroke so I just did the breaststroke and free.

Finished with a cool down and swam with the PB and avoided the kicking.

I have sorted out the showering facilities in the building and so I will start to ride to work at least once a week as it is so much quicker despite the firm providing parking at some expense.

These last few days I had an interesting discussion of sorts on facebook about Triahlons and why do we race and train. It must surely be for the love . I found Chuckie V comments on his blog a great delight and inpiration:

The athlete who knows "how" will always compete. The athlete who knows "why" will always perform. The athlete who doesn't worry "how" or "why" but does what's needed will always win. Winning is NOT a science. It is an art that uses science. And there are very few artists who understand that. And those who do generally ...kick ass. CHUCKIE V

Well I do the sport firstly because I love it but the training is hard and I wished I had a little more talent .Ultimately , I do persevere because I enjoy it , I get an adrenaline rush testing myself and I do want to get better and beat a few people .
It is part getting to that perfect race , part ego ...and I want "to beat the guy next door" attitude and finally achieving those goals , chasing the clock.

Most of all I do want to understand.