Monday, January 11, 2010

The beginning

It was a hard and slow start to the week.I overslept so did not make swim training but did do 45 mins in the evening of a slow easy warm up and running on the thread mill for 10 x 30sec hard sprints at 14kph with 1 min rest in between and then a warm down. It was a slow and easy introduction back to training .

It is approximately 18 weeks to the Half Ironman and I have sufficient time to get in shape for the first race.

I attended Wednesday evenings swim and did 2.5 km with 7 x 200 m made up of 50 m drill and 150 free. Do feel a little rusty . Saw a few of the guys back at training and will start my cycling this weekend .

Been pretty busy at work and sorting out the quickest way to work.If the building had shower facilities I would commute in once or twice a week.I am planning on checking that out as I think it would be faster than driving in.

I skipped my morning ride and did a core workout at the gym instead .It was a relaxing change .I feel sluggish but I am slowly getting back into the routine .the emphasis will be slow and steady .