Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year I come 2010

Happy New Year and today is a good time ,in planning for the future year with some optimism ,I look back at 2009 with its mixed bag of results.

From a professional perspective it was a reasonable year .I leave my employment to commence a new start in a firm optimistic and preparing for a year of consolidation and more responsibility.

The triathlon year was more varied.After a PB in 2008 at IMWA 08 I continued to improve with a 5.15 at the half in Busso but with Austria and Busselton in 2009 I again was not able to get past putting together a solid ride and run .A lot came down to the training regime and the lack of analysing my rides closely ,working on building strength in the early part of the season.Having said that , I am a stronger rider compared to a year earlier.

Despite the results a 13.43 at IM Austria and a 12.31 at IMWA , it has been a fun year of training with a great bunch of cyclist on Tuesdays and lots of lone long rides. I have blogged my training for approximately a year and will plan my 2010 racing year better.I will now endeavour to apply what I have learnt from myself and my fellow triathletes to other aspects of my life.

Uppermost is continuing to strive to be the best I can in 2010 , set realistic goals and applying what I have learnt in 2009 . I feel that setting goals not only in my triathlon life but in other aspects of life will be very worthwhile.

I plan to draw up my training programme and my race schedule this week as I relax on my holidays .I have already entered the Busselton Half Ironman in May and probably will do a few marathons this year with the Busselton IMWA in 2010 a definite race.

Best Wishes for a great 2010 to all fellow triathletes and friends.Stay tune for another enjoyable ride in this craziness we call a sport .