Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Painathon

Painathlon 2009 from Michael V on Vimeo.

A video clip of the Painathon which I had a go at last august and will be one of the races I will attempt this year .

As a friend said these races are there to test the competitor and I have unfinished business .

I received a short email from Rod and Julianna who are about to start their epic bike race from Cairo to Cape Town :


We have made it to Cairo and nothing was missing or broken. This is a crazy town. We have been out riding twice, once for 30 minutes and today for an hour. The police have "escorted" both times for the entire ride. Cairo is unlike anything we have seen before, imagine London (England) but built by Mexicans.

We do not have our race numbers yet and are hoping to send out another email before we leave Cairo.

Ross - thanks for the email, we like your style.

Rod and Juliana

Best of luck to them as they make final preparations before the start. I will be following them on the website through their journey.Somewhere each day someone else is racing or doing the hard yards necessary so I feel a little guilty for sleeping in today and missing the bike ride .