Sunday, July 26, 2009


I signed up for the painathon this past week .It was a spur of the moment decision.
Whilst riding part of the course this morning ( and it was bitterly cold with just my cycling bib and jersey) I was asked was this part of my active recovery plan after IM Austria.

My only reaction was it was penitence for the disastrous IM race . But only jokingly as it was a spur of the moment decision.

My week has flown past pretty quicky and after wednesday evening run I did nothingelse till friday.I did a swim run brick .I ran for 40 minutes easy and then swam 2km in the pool .had a good long chat with Rossco . All i recall of the conversation was now atleast you are an athelete worth training and you have to lose all that weight round your middle. But I do like my food and Iam constantly hungry . His advice just each fruit and vegetables. I wish it was that simple but Iam not a rabbit.

The workout was good and felt I hadn't lost too much fitness in the last 2 weeks.
I decided to do the familiarization of the painathon course on Saturday.
The painathon is in its thrid year started by Jono Hague ...the blurb from the painathon website :

About Painathlon

Painathlon was conceived by Jonathan Hague in early 2007 during his medical studies at Notre Dame. Jonathan is known in Perth fitness circles as 'that nutter who ran Jacobs Ladder for 24 hours'. This was a world record stair-climbing attempt in 2006, also for Variety WA (ultimately unsuccessful at 262 laps and over 10 vertical km's). He brings this knowledge of pain to the Painathlon.
His idea was to compile all the toughest fitness runs he had come to know round Perth during cross-training and combine them into one massive impossible event.

With the help of Kinga Paszkudzka and many helpers and sponsors the Inaugaural Painathlon was held on Sat August 4th 2007. The event was a great success and participants raised over $8500 for Variety WA childrens Charity.

Local Ironman Brad Hosking demolished the field and the course in just over 7.5 hours.

K and J

On a cold Saturday morning about 11 people rocked up for the familiarization .leading the way was Marek a veteran Painathlete. First time on my bike since Austria .We were going to run and ride the first 5 challenges .I thought it was just a show and cycle thru... how very wrong .A quick change of my cycling shoes and off we were running the first challenge 3 laps on the beach in front of the city of perth surf club. That got me warm. In the group was Norm Black and Kerrie Smith , both North Coasters .We then went thru the various runs .The toughest for me was the run up mount street x 3 .
that was challenge 4 and then it was on to the causeway for the run round the bridges approx 10km .Norm Black and I ran it in approximately 52 mins.By then my legs were feeling sore and I had a few problems with my bike as the chain kept slipping everytime I changed gears to athe largest cog . It happend as we were climbing Mount street and I had to push my bike up .I just could not climb the hill after fixing the chain . I managed the run round the bridges in 52 mins which wasn't too bad >Kerry Smiths group ran it in 48 mins .

By the end of the ride back to city beach I was sore and cramping . I had taken 2 salt tablets , one before the start and one after the bridges run but it was probably too late .

I was really stiff in the arvo . Too much too quickly.

The next day I joined Norm again for a ride out from Malaga Fire station with Bryce Mitchell .We were going to ride to Challenge 6 ...The Truth .It was cold and it was the first time I rode behind a motorbike.Once out at Campesic Road the pace quicken to 38kph and it was easy behind the bike but once we hit any incline I struggled to keep up behind the bike.

From there we left bryce and the boys he was training and rode to Challenge 7 via Farral road although the alternative thru talbot road sounds better..My chain came off again .We then rode back .i did a pproximately 70km and Norm would have done 90km.

Legs didn't feel too bad but we hadn't done any of the challenges.
That would spoil the surprise on 7 August 2009.