Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Day after....

6 July 2009

I am sore as hell but managed to get my bike down two floors ....great choice staying on the 2nd floor of the hotel .I did an hour easy ride and went down to the expo again.

Still reeling from the bad day yesterday but enjoying the atmosphere and the many athletes who did exceptionally well.Löve the war stories.

As Bella Bayliss said at the award night ..for those who did not finish or achieve their goals ,just shake off the disappointment and get on with the next challenge.

The awards night was a little tame .One of the girls from our travel group got a Kona spot doing a 10.49 in the 40-44 age gp.

Lydia Miller won her age group 60 plus but did not take her spot.

A guy from Spore Dex did back to back Im races ...France and Austria with a 11.27 IM Austria result and a 3.45 marathon run.

The evening went by following the awards just chatting with everyone in the travel group ...the next day everyone left .I took a train to Munichand on the trip met Nick Kensington .he did a PB sub 9.30 at IM Austria ,his 13 IM Race .Nick is a Kiwi living in London and by all accounts an exeptional athelete.He did China earlier this year and got his kona spot ...well done.He is heading to Roth and then Kona in October and finishing the year in Mexico doing Corumel .That is 5 IM races in a year.Enjoyed my conversations with him on the train ride and has inspired me to keep at it ..not that I was going to quit.Thanks Nick for the advice and Its nice to know everyone has bad races .

Will be watching Roth and Kona .

For now its just relaxing in Munich before I fly back on friday.Friends have gone their separate ways but the memories remain.As I was leaving for the station karon one of the tour leaders asked if I would return to do IM Austria again...probably not soon but one day i would like to return to have another crack at this course.For atmosphere and beauty it is clearly one of the great IM races.

This time it would be nice to have the family as well.