Sunday, August 2, 2009

why TRI

This past week has been a quiet one ...partly just chilling and partly trying to get back into the swing of training andmotivating myself to get going.Its hard with nothing in the immediate horizon and lots of self doubt regarding preparation and how any single aspect of preparation can hijack the result.All this and reading Ben Greenfields article in the September issue of Triathelete Magazine:What really motivates you

The same piece is at his blog:

It reaches to the core what most of us have as logical reasons such as to be healthy or to get fit and drills down to the irrational emotive core reasons

I have had difficulty coming to an answer despite the irrational time and energy I have devoted to this sport with little to show in terms of podium finishes. There have been improvements and personal goals reached and many still to be reached.

But at the core as boring as it sounds I came into triathlons by accident and like many I got a buzz from racing .It really is a drug and whilst I have done a great amount of whinging about the bitter cold mornings and long rides alone .I always felt a sense of achievement getting thru the long hard rides.So what does this all have to do with JK's wedding clip....Not alot accept i like it and well does there really have to be a deep emotional core reason to do a triathlon .For me probably not and like the wedding clip it really is just fun...It makes life all that more bearable and worthy of living .There is purpose , thrill and a sense of being alive.
Isn't that what the wedding clip was all about .Just a bit of fun.