Wednesday, July 22, 2009

starting the engine

22 July 2009

It has been hard getting back into training for 2 reasons :
a ) the weather has been bad with strong winds and lots and lots of rain but we do need it in Perth as we are still down on the monthly rainfall avearge .With 8 days to go before the end of the month we should pass the average.

b) it has been hard without any clear goal to train for.

Having said that I have decided on a few interim pursuits:

The painathon on 8 August 2009
and the city to surf Marathon on the 30th of August.

I had an hour run last evening from my office in the city to UWA along the foreshore.It drizzled lightly but otherwise was a good dust of the cobwebs run.

It got dark and gloomy pretty quick and there were lots of cyclist racing around but only a few runners .I managed to take it easy and did a negative split by 2.5 mins because as I was running back ,2 runners rushed passed me and I just had to chase .unfortunately , they stopped running and turned around at the swan brewery and I still had to run back to the office.

I was planning on swimming today but got delayed at a meeting so there was no swim today.

Now that Iam back I have started up my contribution to the North Coast Newsletter and there is lots about Tris in the WWW.

heres the contribution just for the record .

Chrissie wins again and a new world record

The Chrissie Wellington interview

On a personal note I met Nick Kensington ,a triathelete living in London ,on the train from Klagenfurt to Munich ...he was on his way to Roth for his second Ironman race in 7 days.
A great athelete and spent the train journey talking to me about his training and all the races he had done .He will do 5 ironman races this year having qualified for Kona in China and finishing the year at Corumel , Mexico.
And he is a Kiwi.
Nick Kensington does the Double - 12 July 2009
Huge congratulations to Nick Kensington, one of Ful-on Tri's leading Ironman athletes, who this weekend managed the seemingly impossible - not content with an awesome 9:20 at Ironman Austria last weekend, Nick took a small detour on the way home via Germany to smash out an incredible 9:05 at Quelle Challenge Roth. Performances like that are pretty special on their own, but on consecutive weekends - what can you say?

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This triathlete must win the prize for the most unique tri outfit at an iron distance race.

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