Saturday, July 4, 2009

The day before.....IM Austria 2009

Pasta Party IM Austria 2009

Iam at the Expo using the computer/internet access whilst the German briefing is going on so its nice and quiet.

It was a rest day on my programme so I didn't do much but did have a swim out on the lake with enrico and the guys.water was a very nice 22C and was great again.
went down to the expo and had a look around and then went into the city for a wander.
there was a slight drizzle but the weather was otherwise hot.

Started to put my gear together and went for the Pasta party .Again chatted with lots of Americans and Canadians who are over for the race.

Lydia Miller the oldest woman athlete is in the tour group and got called up on stage.
The Pasta party was really good .A danish school group marched in with the flags of atheletes participating in IM Austria ...49 countries.

They then did some acrobatics and dance.
There was the standard interview of the number one ranked triathlete ...Marino V
Sat with the Spore guys and food wasn't too bad .Lots of pasta and for desert fruit and an Austrian strudle type dish with a type of pancake I think.

Posted some shots on Facebook.

Today I got up early and did a short run and ride ...but no swim .Shoulder a little sore but not really going to affect the swim . Weather forecast is for rain in the arvo .I hope Iam off the bike course by then. Getting my nutrition plan together and hope it all goes well.

The rest of the day will just be resting up and bike check in this evening.

Happy 4th of July to the Americans and viva the tour which starts today.