Friday, July 3, 2009


swim on 3 July at the lake at the public entrance

Dinner 2 July with the singapore squad carbo loading at the hotel krupendorf

At the top of one of the climbs whilst driving the ride course.

2 July 2009
The night before I met up with the Singapore Group with Enrico and the guys doing IM Austria.We had dinner at their Hotel Rosenheim which was a 5 min walk from the Hotel Karnten.

The next Day I went down to the Expo and registration which was amazingly quick .Did not have to pay the 6 euro license fee as i had my Triathlon Australia and Triathlon Singapore membership . thanks Craig for the tip.

Then spent the whole morning wandering around the expo which was the largest I have been so far .
Lots of gear and bought a great IM Austria haversack and some cycling gear .If you can't be fast ,just look good. So I am now atleast uber good.

The weather has beeen fabulous and it is expected to be just as good on Sunday with a shower in the afternoon .

After the swim today I caught up with Milton an age grouper winner from Canada and had an enjoyable time talking about how he took several years to get to his peak despite thinking when he was younger he had done his best times.