Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just Vegetating

16 July 2009

I arrived back in Perth on Sunday afternoon safe and well but more importantly my bike
made the trip without any damage.

I have set it up and will ride it this Saturday.

I have started the slow process of digesting the trip and deciding my next few goals leading up to IMWA 2009.

I have read a few articles about nutrition and Joel Friel's blog on 1 July 2009 on sports drinks was spot on .

Joel's blog:

" Question on Sports Drinks

I just received a great question from a coach about what he should tell the athletes he coaches about sodium and protein in sports drinks during long events such as Ironman. Here is my reply...


I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the literature and talking with informed people regarding, especially, sodium. I’m coming to the conclusion that sodium is not necessary during exercise for all of the reasons we have previously been told were so critical - cramping, coping with heat, and maintaining pace/power. I can find no good evidence to support any of these. Just a lot of opinions and sports drink marketing stuff (which most athletes have come to accept as factual)...."

That said, sodium is beneficial in the transport of water across the intestinal mucosa in the upper intestine where it is absorbed.

The second lesson was from the blog of Justin Daerr ,elite triathlete on a piece he wrote for the xtri magazine:

Joe Friel recently posted a statement on his twitter page: “The only difference between a good race and a bad race is that you learn something from a bad race.” I cannot say the tweet was written directly to me, but I do think our conversation from the day before was likely what reminded him of that statement. We had recently sat down so that I could vent about one of my own ‘bad races’ and he recited that statement to me.

Many athletes have come to me to confide in their disappointment from a poor race and it certainly is unfortunate to see anyone fall short of their goals when their commitment and work ethic are in tact. I often tell these folks the same thing: No one can take away the fitness and experience that you have gained from all the days leading to this one. The difference from this race to your next is that your next race is going to be the day that you show the world what you are capable of.

Get back in the saddle!

How very true ...

I had a chat with Ross on Tuesday and I felt uplifted despite the bad race experience and iI had discussed with him my next goal for IMWA .Call it delusional but after every IM race I come away feeling I can do better.

I plan to get back i the saddle on Saturday....if the weather is good.