Sunday, March 29, 2009

Point walter triathlon

After thursday with work and my sore back I wasn't able to keep to my program and did nothing.
Saturday morning I rode for 2 hours along the coast with a howling wind coming back.ran off the bike for 10 mins and felt ok.

Ther est of the day just rested and hoped that the sore back would resolve itself.Did take some pain killers and that knocked me out in the evning but felt strange the next day.A little giddy and sleepy and off balance .My HR showed my heart rate was at 44 -49 bpm so I decided to get to the race start and see how I felt.

The swim start was ok but the windy was pretty gusty and got out of the water in approx 33mins and to the first timing mat at the top of the hill in 35 .27 min

The bike leg was an improvement from last year (but I did fall once last year)
did the bike course in 1.16

and the run in 44 mins a PB for me

I must be doing something right......