Monday, March 9, 2009

a great week

It did not start out too good with me missing a bit of the training on wednesday and Thursday but by frday I had got back on the training saddle.
Did the friday swim thing .It seems the hardest thing to do get out of bed when everything is sore from the previous nights training.

I did get down and swim for the hour and did ok .Did approximately 2.5km and felt reasonably good .I focussed again on the stroke .

friday evening I went down to Sorrento lifa saving to do a run and watch the aquathon.
Did an hour run and felt ok.The left hammy was still tight but it was bearable.

Saturday ,I managed to get out of the house by 6.15am and headed for the hills .It was a 120 km ride today easy .What is easy about climbing hills ,I do not know.
I started out fighting the darkness and cold wind but it soon warmed up.The wind was ahead wind for parts of the ride as i climbed thru helena Valley , darlington and Mundijong and Mundaring weir Road and Kalamunda.Did 60km to Kalamunda and had coffee ....a few roadies admired the specialised.

rode back at a much faster pace but still only averaged 25/26kph for the 120km .Then did a 20 min run easy.
Ther est of the day was just recovery and grocery shopping.

Got up early on Sunday and rode the mountain bike down from Hillaries to Coogee for the Coogee Jetty swim.Dave norton led the small group of 5 North Coasters .It was hard work keeping up with them.
The swim was great and with perfect conditions ...a flat body of water and a slight current in our favour .I did the 1500 m swim in 29.58 m a PB for me .
I then had the breakfast put on with the rest of the group and rode back.It was 32C and hot and dry and again tough riding a mountain bike back.I did close to 200km on the weekend .

looking forward to the new week.