Thursday, March 26, 2009

A stressful week

Monday 23 march

I knew this was going to be a hard week with a heavy workload at work and trying to keep up with work.
swimming at 6-7 was good after a restful sunday.
did 2.5 km and felt good .I did not manage my 1.40 run in the evening having finished work late.

Usual ride at Nedlands and rode with the whole second group with R cheering us on at the back.took my turn at the front for as long as I could then just hung onto the back of the group for the next two legs with the occasional turn in the front.defintely one of the faster rides and ran off the bike for 15 mins before riding back .I think it was an ok workout especially with a sore back from sitting badly in the office.
For the rest of the week i have had a sore back.
wed 25 March
Swim again in the morning.Did 2.5km
600 warm up
200 free
200 medley
200 free

800m firm
600m firm
400m firm
200m medley
200 warm down i missed a 100m segment
I tried to keep my stroke good and whilst I wasn't faster ...actually was a 100-150 metres behind the gp in my lane I think i moved better than a month ago.My stroke count is still not a s good as I want it to be.
i was hoping to run in the evening but work prevented that as well.
Could not manage any training on thursday so it is looking like a light week.