Friday, March 20, 2009


Thursday turned out to be a lazy day in the morninmg as I slept in instead of an easy 2 hr ride...but i could afford to skip a few for the sake of rest.
Did attend North coast tri club run training:
the exercise today was :
1200 warm up
3 x 1200 + 400 + 400m runs with a time of 6 mins 2.30 and 2.30 mins with a min rest inbetween and a further min after each leg
then 2 x 400m then a warm down

did swim training and felt alot stronger and managed to keep up with the rest accept when we hit the medleys.
di 2.3 km in all.
The run was in overcast weather with a hint of rain but did the hour easy run without getting wet.

Saturday 21 march
got up real early for the ride.It was NCTC annual ride into death Valley .
I rode off at 4.45am from home to kingsley dome and from there we set off at 5.30am for Toodyay road and then up redhill to Obrien road and into death Valley for a 40km loop coming out at reserve road and then heading to giggi for a break as the riders regrouped.i managed to keep up and was in the 2nd group of riders into giggi .It wasn't too bad but probably went out too hard and didn't take in enough liquids with the cool weather.the ride out was in darkness with a fog making the ride out to the base of redhill a little nerve wrecking with 38 riders of various levels.

Once in the valley I managed to stick to a few riders and keep up the pace. After the short 20 mins rest I headed off on my own to mundijong via stoneville road and back home via helena valley , darlington and guildford.did 142 km so I was short of the 150 mark but did my 30 min run and felt ok despite my quads being sore from all those hills. I did listen to the coach and rested on sunday and feel alot better for it.