Monday, March 16, 2009

A slow start

Monday 16 March
I skipped the swim this morning as the 200 km i did on the weekend had me a little stuffed .
First lesson learnt ...TRY and follow the coaches program.Problem with triathletes
is the overdone bits.
Ran in the evening for an hour and half .just slow to medium pace and felt comfortable .Did not over exert as shown in the pace of approx 6min/ km .

Got up at 4.30 and headed out to Nedlands for the usual hard session.
I manahed to hold my own with T and J .Although everone was recovering from the weekend race so it wasn't difficult. Caught up with the stragglers in the front pack and then did the last loop together.
not the fastest pace but averaged 32.6 including my slow ride out to nedlands.
Did 50km again with the coffee stop at Tigerlilys ...The only reason to put yourself thru this is the coffee in the morning .

Wednesday 18 March
Swim this morning at Terry Tyzacks
had a really interesting swim sessiom
Goes like this:
600m free warmup(used pullbuoy for 200m)
4 x 250 firm and fast with one 50 m free and 200m medley with a run of 50 meters out of the pool or 20 pushups.
75 free and 25 kick x 2 cooldown.
cramped at the end of the cooldown and managed to keep up with the swimmers in my lane ...the slow lane till the medley and then had to catch up but i wasn't too far in the end that was good.

no run this eveining ...had a meeting anyway.

IRONMAN MALAYSIA 2009!!(bryan Rhodes race report for some light reading)

"The only difference between a hill and mountain is something called attitude (along with courage and determination)" - Dick Hoyt ( )