Saturday, March 14, 2009

another bonza week

Tuesday 10 march was the usual morning speed session ...the rest of the group bar 3 of us were having a shortened session.I did the half hour ride from the office to Nedlands then an 1 hour hard.rode with T , J and L and manged to keep up but it was hard .Did approx 50km all up.
Swim session did 2.5 k still focussed only on stroke..used the pullbuoy throughout.No run in the evening and felt good.
Thursday i skipped the bike ride as I was ill with cramping pains in the stomach but did the interval session at NCTC
was a light session because nearly everyone is doing the City of perth triathlon which doubles as the australian championships
did 800 warm up
5 x 200m
2 x 800 m
5x 200m
warm down

dis the swim session in the evening
just a 500m warm up
16 x 100m on 2.15 cycle
and warmdown 200m

feeling more comfortable in the water now just focussed on keeping my elbows high
no run today its become a lighter week than my recovery week

got up early and started off at 6.15am Had to do 150km ride in the hills
it was relatively cool at 15C
will try and be consistent on the ride .

Did the noranda...guildford...helena valley darlington ..mundijong..stoneville road to ...giggi...back to mundijong and then right thru mundaring weir road to kalamunda and back thru mundaring weir road to mundijong and guildford , then home.
ran off the bike for 20 mins
felt good but still need to get more salt and liquids in .legs were sore but no cramps
very slow average but the winds out to the hills were hard and so were the climbs .the trip back was better.
rest day tomorrow but will ride down to watch the race.