Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Easy Week

Saturday's Cross fit
              Sundays Run

Like all laid out plans , the road is never easy or goes as planned. It is an easy week for those on a programme and training for the World's , Vegas or Kona. I took the opportunity to just focus on cross fit and running.

i had no bike or swimming . It was a 16km run on Monday , slow and split into 8km at lunch time and 8km in the evening . I am running about 60 to 90 seconds slower . on Tuesday it was cross fit with a weights session . My arms are my weak link so they were pretty sore. On Wednesday I had a rest day ...unplanned  but work got the better of me.

Thursday I had a nice slow run along the river at Lunchtime and dropped by to say hallo to Rod and in the evening I went along to cross fit .It was another hard session and my arms just got more sore if that was possible. The legs were surprisingly holding up .Friday evening  , I ran with Gaye round Kings Park and up Jacobs ladder . Saturday I had cross fit with rope climbs , toes to hands and dead lifts and a total of 6 exercises with rope climbs after each 2 and that repeated for 45 minutes . I managed 2 and a half sets but the arms were just toast.

On Sunday I ran with Boris and Lindsay from Hepburn Avenue to City Beach a distance of 26.5km and whilst it was slow it was hard at the end as I had not done a long run other than the marathon at IMNZ. We managed to keep to our 7minute pace most of the way.  There was a bit of undulation and so that made for a good work out. I managed about 60kms for the week.

Whilst its very early days and I have not started huge hours of training the workouts and running has been progressing well.