Monday, June 3, 2013

A Winter's tale

Mundaring Weir First day of Winter
View on the way down the Zig-Zag ,Kalamunda

 Another cold week in Perth but I am slowly getting back on the bike ...literally and metaphorically.

Monday was a spin RPM session.Love these as I get to see how much wattage I am pushing It was an hour session and I ran for 4 km before hand. On Tuesday and Wednesday , work got in the way so I wasn't able to do anything. Thursday I made cross fit and as expected it was a hard weights session.So hard my back was sore and stiff for the next day . I did manage a slow steady run at Kings Park on Friday evening doing 7.5km.

Saturday was a very cold morning as I rode to Tim's and then on to my usual Hills Ride , the first of the series for June and one I thought I may not make with a sore back. It was the ride Tim introduced to me riding to Mundaring and Kalamunda through Helena Valley .There were a couple of nasty climbs and then Mundaring Weir Road.It was slow and steady .Even the guys riding 600km to Quindanning were faster as they rode pass us .There was the team of cyclist being motor paced along Mundaring Weir Road as well . despite the 2 layers and woolen gloves , the head and ears were cold.
I managed to keep up with Tim , more his lack of fitness , then my fitness.

Getting to the top of Kalamunda is always a relief .The ride down through Zig Zag and then to Guildford was fast .I got back to Tim's place for breakfast and a lift home. All up a slow 80km ride.
Cross-fit work Out

In the arvo , it was cross-fit session which really tested the jelly legs and sore back. I had 1200 skips , 2000 inches of box jumps ( about 142 jumps of a 14inch high stand) and then 2400kg with leg lunges (about 240 if using a 10kgs bar ) I didn't quite make it getting to 210 lunges.

Every 4 minutes we had to do a plank for 45 seconds.I had a glass of wine after the session I needed something to numb the pain.

Sunday , the quads were sore , but managed to run with the rest of the crew along Sorrento to Trig. back to the old stomping grounds. It was a slow start but everyone just stepped up the pace in the end. That was a 10km run for me.

Made it to the end of the week feeling slow but better for it.
On the Heritage Trail watching the KEP 100km runners

Ended the week with a walk along the Railway heritage Trail with Molly and JJ watching the amazing KEP 100 runners.