Sunday, June 2, 2013

In search of A Greater Cause

Roz Savage, ocean rower and environmental campaigner, photographed in Oxford for her role as co-patron of the Greener Upon Thames campaign to make the 2012 London Olympics plastic bag free. (
Photo taken by Matt Hood.
Roz Savage (

"I found out that there is no challenge so big that you can't achieve it if you just take it one oar stroke at a time. It took me about 2.5 million oar strokes to cross the Pacific, and every single one of those oar strokes counted. So whether we're talking about personal challenges or environmental challenges, I keep reminding myself that all those tiny actions add up to big steps in the right direction."
Her message is clear - to get the life you want you need to step outside your comfort zone.

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I came across this newspaper story about Ross Savage .She was a successful executive when she wrote 2 obituaries ...One about the life she wanted and one about the life she was heading for if she continues in her present path.

But when I did that obituary exercise I realized that actually the material stuff wasn't going to make me happy, that what I really wanted to do was to push my limits and hopefully leave the world a slightly better place."
Roz Savage Website

Whilst her journey from comfortable middle-class management consultant to adventurer is rather drastic .It epitomizes my previous blog comment about 2 things ...
  • That Road to Damascus moment when you realize life is more than comfort and material wealth because it is important but may not bring you that happiness .
  • And the need , even desire to achieve and contribute and make a difference ultimately enriches one life.

Roz story is really as Hugh Mackay suggest , a Good life is one of achievement and what we would like to read in an obituary about what we did when we were on this planet ,who we touched and not what we had.