Sunday, June 9, 2013

Climbing A Mountain

A walk in Kings Park

I am slowly getting into a routine although mornings have been tough. Like any expedition , I am now at Base camp .

It is slow and hard but a necessary part of training. Not a lot of mileage and I have been doing a lot by feel . Still no swimming  but lots of cross fit and slow bike sessions and a few runs. Still carrying a lot of weight

Monday was WA Day and had a long walk again at the heritage trail and then a wind trainers session. On Tuesday did my cross fit and survived but again I was sore.

Wednesday , Hill repeats at kings park and a run in the morning and a run off the bike in the evening .
Thursday , I just managed the cross fit and it was  another stuff session called the Raining Day 

Cross fit on Thursday

Friday I ran with Nimal and Gaye , I had a slightly shorter run of just under 11km but felt good . Saturday was supposed to be a slow bike ride but a late Friday night and the run did tire me out and I decided  to just do Cross fit. It was a hard session , there aren't any easy ones. Did about 225 squats , 180 push ups and 30 sort of pulls ups with the toes trying to touch your hands ( were some of the exercises). I could only manage them one at a time . My hands and quads were burning and whilst Sunday was going to be a long run . It was raining as I was driving down and I decided to give it a miss. I did go mountain biking with Tim in the afternoon.The weather was overcast but it then started raining and I got a puncture .Managed to change the tire and continue the ride in the rain .Got coated with red mud but it was fun . Pushed the riding hard today given the first 1-2 hours were a gradual climb . It was hard with the tired and sore muscles from cross fit. The legs will thank me later . 

After Sundays Mountain bike ride
Rounded off the Day checking on the awesome results from all the Exceed Triathletes racing in Cairns . A great result for Luke McKenzie and Liz Blatchford winning  . Luke after a tough year and Liz her first IM win and possibly the beginning of a great long course career. ( see  ...Luke McKenzie Wins ahead of ...Herald Sun )

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