Sunday, June 16, 2013


Passenger - Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low

A mixed bag of training. No swimming yet . Tuesday was my first ride with Exceed in more than 3 months . The hour of power was exhilarating and hard .I hung on to the girls for as long as I could and then had to catch up at each turn around. I would have thrown up if I had something to throw up. It was a hard session for me. But glad I did it. Backed the morning session with cross fit and a 5km run .It was a weights session which was good .Managed a maximum bench press of 55kgs and a  dead lift of 90 kgs .Others were up at 140kgs. But for me it is small steps for now.

Wednesday , I ran about 12 kms in the evening around the river . A slow session but the legs were still sore from Tuesday. Thursday , was supposed to be a ride and cross fit.I didn't make the morning ride . I ran at lunch time about 6km nice and easy .Cross fit was another hard session. There isn't an easy one. Lots of pull ups and squats with weights . I managed about 80 pull ups and 80 squats with 40kgs and the third exercise was an exercise with weights but I can't remember exactly what it was . I just know I was exhausted. Friday was run day but worked late so didn't manage the run.

Saturday , I started my ride alone. Rode to Welshpool  but the ride via Tonkin Hwy was slow and partly on the road and partly bike paths and had a lot of detours . It was not a good route. Once I was at Welshpool I rode up quite slowly till Lesmudie Road and came down and did it again and then rode on to Kalamunda Town . I was so slow I got passed by 3 young riders and a heap of faster riders .
Cross fit on Saturday was a session of about 10 exercises we did increasing the repeats starting with 2 , then 4, then 6 etc .I got up to 12 before the hour was up.

Sunday , thankfully was a  relatively late start with a mountain bike ride with Tim from Midland .A great Sunday morning even it was cold .We did a 45 km loop with the first 30km going uphill . My legs took a pounding and Tim was ahead most of the way with his new Mountain Bike . Ended the morning with scones and Vietnamese coffee .more like late brunch at 11.30.  I am now under 77kgs.