Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Day at Tanjung Beach

the run after the swim ...Enrico and Sin Guan Tuan in the lead
and getting further ahead

Tanjung Beach , Sentosa Island , where we swam

The hardcore triathletes who showed up for the swim and run

At the finish (picture by Richard Leong )

There were mainly two groups at  Sentosa Island on 1.1.11 .It was the first day of the next decade , with the symbolic 4 ones. There was the party revelers trying to head  home and much the worse for wear after the all nighter at Siloso beach.and then there was the group from Tri Family Forum who rocked up for a swim and run at 8am .

I met Mathew Wong ,  whose Blog is titled You,Me and Tesky which  I read , and he led the swim group through their paces .It was a beautiful and hot morning. My first swim for a  few weeks. Feeling a bit rusty and slow but otherwise a great start to the day and the year. 

A good mix of experience and newbies preparing for the Singapore biathlon. I was thrilled to meet some of the triathletes in Singapore .

The run was along the road from the beach to the round about 2 kms .It was quick and I managed a 5min pace for the run of about 4.5km .

We then had a quick change and headed off for breakfast at Vivocity  .After the rest of the group left I had a quick coffee with Enrico .The discussions revolved around the obvious subject and Ironman Hawaii , blogs and training and so on . After the get together I headed to Little India for lunch with the family.

Lunch at Gugul vegetarian restaurant at Upper Dickinson Road

I got my training programe and it is an easy start although I will not be able to do my ride sessions .The emphasis will be on just building on last year and trying to get the weight down.(just not in Singapore )