Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

The week was shorter with a holiday mid week.Australia Day fall on Wednesday.Its a break from work. A wonderful warm day in Perth and lots  on at the beach and the foreshore with fireworks in the evening.

I spent it swimmimg at Cottesloe and did little else .it was a busy morning on the beach I got to the beach just after 7am and saw the group had already started off from the beach.i just took my time and swam down to the Blue Duck cafe and then turned around .The water was clear and calm . lots of swimmers were about and I saw Jasmin after my swim.i met up with the group at the cafe and had coffee.The best part of the was a  leisurely half hour swim .

On Monday I had my usual swim session but felt really sluggish and slow.I did the evening session and did not get a chance to run. On Tuesday , I showed up at Nedlands and everyone else was at Shelley. I did not get the message but did my hour on my own.Towed a cyclist for a lap and then chased a group for the second and was on my own for the last.It was hard but managed to get an average with my slow ride to Nedlands of 31.7kph. I then met up with everyone at Tiger Lilys for breakfast.

On Tuesday arvo I did a run session at the new stadium / track behind Challenge stadium and was my first session but Brad was away so I just followed what everyone else was doing and did a warm up and the 3 x 10min at threshold. ,followed by a cool down. It was very comfortable running on the track and watching all the athletes  training.

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I have begun to give Ross feedback on each week and I feel my running is coming along well but my cycling and swimming have obviously slacken off from the break .I will need to refocus on these .

I have read the Macca interview on firstoffthebike at First off the Bike as well as Dave Scotts interview
Dave Scott- triathlon Monument. Both great interviews .

Here is just one part that is so relevant to all those training for an ironman:

"What do you think the most common mistake that your average Ironman age group or amateur makes?

Well, if we're talking about Ironman athletes, and when people finally step up and say, "I want to do an Ironman race," most of them think more is better. If I can put in more time, more distance, more kilometres, I'm going to be a better athlete and it's a licence to go slow and I think a lot of athletes are able to work out at a moderate aerobic pace and especially all of the workouts, so kind of that pace, and they forget to, you know, keep that intensity up which is really the trigger mechanism even for Ironman distance races. So that they can optimise their efficiency, not only in their intake of fuel but, you know, the muscle aggravation. So the single biggest mistake is just going along for the sake of going along and people do this year round, and I'm not foregoing the comment that, you know, people have to put in X distance to do well at that race length, but they don't need to do it 12 months out of the year."