Saturday, January 15, 2011


Th holidays are over and it is back to work. There is the comfort in being back amongst routine and the reluctance to return to the mundane existence that is routine in work and in play.

What sets each year apart for me is the continous change in my work ie the clients and the cases , and in my recreation , the races I select and the process of planning the campaign.

Lanzarote now looms as the immediate major race for the first half of 2011. I am now in week 2 of my training programme having missed my first week whilst on holiday.It was hard returning to the routine and my programme is starting at a not so leisurely pace.I already have longish rides on the weekend and this week I had some difficulty with the swim sessions.It was nice to see familiar faces at Exceed.

On monday I ran in the arvo and it was hot ....35C and then did my swim session.A slow 2.2 km session. Ross said this was an easy week but it did not feel that way. Tuesday got up early and was at the Nedlands start at 6am with the largest group Exceed has had. Michelle was back after a triumphant win at Busso and  so was everyone else from the break. We did a threshold session to the first roundabout and than cruised back repeating the loop 3 times for a hard /easy 1 hour session.I  hung on at the back and my quads were hurting after 3 weeks of no cycling and 6 weeks of minimal activity.

On Wednesday it was a morning swim session with Cara Suiter taking the session and again did a 2.2km . I was really tired and did not run in the evening . I also skipped Thursdays ride  and ran at 12 noon .It was hot and did a relatively hard session with 6 x 2min at threshold pace.Got my HR to 80% for the 2 minutes before it dropped to 75%. .I did a swim session on Friday and again decided to do my run on Sunday . I need  to ease into my training.

Saturday is reserved for the long ride and I plan to keep to the plan as best I can but try and tackle my sleep and eating habits.