Saturday, January 8, 2011


Outside Candylicious, World Resorts Casino , Sentosa

After the New Year I have enjoyed the no training regime and holidays but have started planning for the start of my training for Lanzarote. I have had a call from one other triathlete racing in Lanzarote and hopefully I will meet up and be able to start planning the logistics of getting there and the accommodation.

At the same time trolling the various tri websites I came across the endurance nation website tri specific and Christian Manetta's piece on planning and evaluation.
They are really worth while from a personal and athletic point of view.

He states:
"Here are a few you could ask yourself now if you haven't got round to some personal planning:

What did I do really well this year?
What areas do I still need to work on or address?
In an ideal situation, what should I be doing more of?
In an ideal situation, what should I be doing less of? "

My answers

1 I think I have improved on my cycling and my nutrition regime in training and racing was very good.

2 I still need to work on my training/work balance , my weight ,swimming and keep improve on my cycling.

3 In an ideal situation, I will be getting more one on one direction on my swimming  and running  , cooking more fresh and organic food ,and sleeping more .

4 In an ideal situation I will be working less and losing weight.

On a positive front I have not gained any weight despite the great food and non training for the past week.

Looking forward to starting the training program and just getting back into a routine. As Christian says the choices I make are within my control and If I am to improve it is within my control to make the changes I need to make .