Sunday, February 1, 2015

NorthFace Week 2

Video clip of start of NorthFace 100 @ Katoomba

Week2 and it is starting to get a little more serious. The week started off easy with a 30 minute run and about 5km.

Tuesday and I rode in the evening and whilst it was muggy it wasn't as hot .Then a 30- 40 minute session of crossfit .  Rode home spinning in the small gear. Total of 35 km and 1.20hr with 40 minutes at cross fit.

Wednesday I rode to work an easy ride the long way about 15km and then in the evening I ran to King's Park  and back to the office .Not too much elevation accept for 3 walks up the Kokoda trail at Kings Park . I managed 10kms in 1.20 Hr.

Thursday. Rode again to Cross fit in the hot evening and a Cross fit session and then home . Friday rode to work and did not actually run . 30 min on the bike .

Saturday ,instead of a bike we all started a run session at King's park at 6am and did a 2.5 hr session with 12 x Kokoda trail and 18 x DNA tower.The Kokoda Trail is about 65m in altitude and the DNA Tower about 15m so we did over 900m of altitude but about 12km of running . It was hot and humid by the time we finished . In the afternoon another hard Cross fit session of 45 minutes .The legs were sore by then.

Sunday I backed it up with a 10km run @7min pace . Caught up with Tim who I cycle with from time to time and came down to Cape to cape last year with me.

Total ;
Running: 5hrs and only 37kms
Crossfit: 2hrs
Bike: 4hrs or 95km
Total: 11hrs