Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NorthFace Week 5

Week 5 already and yet we have only just begun. I do feel like progress is being made and the weight is slowly coming off as well .After the 4 hr Sunday session , backing up on Monday was always hard but today I ran in the evening and felt pretty good.The legs were tired but I kept the HR under threshold and ran 13km @ just above 6.30 pace. The legs were fine but a little sore. Managed a 5.47 pace at the 9km mark and a few kms at 6min/km pace at the end .

Tuesday I did not make cross fit because of the heavy traffic so it was a rest day overall.

Wednesday .  Another warm day so I ran on a thread mill for 50 minutes .I had a 5minute warm up and then 3 minutes running up 10 % @ 7kph and then 3 minutes at 9.6kph flat for 3 minutes and repeated that 7 tines  dropping the speed a little to 6.5 at the end. Completed 7km . The legs felt fine but found the climbs tiring .

In the evening I did a 50minute sufferfest DVD session on the wind trainer.It was really hot and lost a ton of sweat . Did about 30km in 50 minutes so felt pretty wasted after that effort. Molly , Irondog , slept through the whole session.

Thursday , managed a good nights rest and so no training in the morning .I rode to Cross fit and then we did a relay session with a series of exercises:
  1. Over the box x 17
  2. deadlifts x 7
  3. Squats with 10kg weight x 17
  4. slamball x7
  5. sit-ups with wallball 7kg x 17 and
  6. row 7calories worth 
Repeated as many times in 50 minutes in a relay of 6 in each group.I managed 4 rounds . Then rode home .Total ride about 1.20 hr and work out 50 minutes.

Friday: Up early for a change and rode to Kings Park at 5.30am and then did a 1 hour session of a 6 minute warm up and then 25 minutes of walking 2 steps at a time up the DNA Tower . I managed 13 climbs and then I ran for a further 10 minutes and did another 10 minutes of DNA Tower and managed 7 further climbs and a cool down to make it 4kms in the hour but 300 metres of altitude. Then rode back.During the session there was a group doing a Boot camp workout and the trainer came up to me and told me she had been watching my workout and thought I was a " Machine " Not so sure about the compliment but I was focused on getting the altitude climbing the DNA Tower..I also spoke to a runner who was going up the Tower a few times and she was doing a marathon called the Big5 in SA . The legs felt good and in the evening I rode home via Bassendean doing 20kms .

Start of the Memorial Ride for Tim Bromhead
On the Bike Path as we passed the Swan Brewery Building.Sky was overcast but great tail wind
At Applecross
Benny's Cafe Fremantle

The Giant Diver in the city .Waiting for the roads to open again.
Saturday: Again I got up relatively early to get to the UWA Boathouse where we were meeting for the Tim Bromhead Memorial ride to remember Tim with all his mates doing what he loved to do ...ride. There were about a dozen of us and we rode round to Mt Henry then on to Fremantle where we had coffee and then I rode back with Trev ,  Les and Ron to the Boathouse via Cottesloe and Nedlands making a complete river loop. It was a little dark in the beginning with some light rain but cleared to a beautiful sunny day. I ended back at the city and waited at the Office for the crowds to clear as the Giant Puppets were starting their walk through the city for the second day. Probably on the bike for 3 hours and did about 75km.

Saturday's WOD

In the afternoon did a crossfit session celebrating birthdays and 10 exercises with 32 reps and then 22 reps in 54 minutes .Didn't quite finish round 2 as I had 2 more exercises when we ran out of time.

At the DNA Tower at the end of the Session


Sunday. Up early at 4am for the long walk and run session at King's Park. We started at Jacobs Ladder which I found tougher than Kokoda . We walked up Jacobs for just over an hour .I managed 11 climbs .Michelle powered ahead . We then  went to Kokoda and started another hour . I finished 10 before we headed to the DNA Tower and I ran from the Tower to Lovekin Drive  and back and then did 10 climbs before running again and finishing with another 4 climbs for a total of 14 climbs up the tower . The total height we climbed would have been about 1300 to 1500 metres . I was pretty tired after yesterday's ride and cross fit session. Will putting more weight in the camel-back to start simulating the weight I will be carrying.

Nimal and I had coffee at Botanicals Cafe in Kings Park as everyone else headed to Georges at City Beach.

Run: 7hrs or 36.5 kms
Bike:  6h 40mins or 175 km
Cross fit : 1. 40hr
Total: 15hr 20min