Monday, February 23, 2015

North Face Week 6

Running along the Swan River in the city

The girl in the picture got away from me as I tried to get some Pictures

Monday always a sore day after the hard Sunday session.The legs were feeling tired . I ran at lunch time , running 9km along the swan River. It was muggy but not too hot and completed the run in an hour .In the evening I ran a further 6 km keeping the pace easy at about 6.30 and my HR stayed at between 120 and 130 .Did the 15km in 1.43 hr. The legs were tired but I felt fine.

Kings Park with my Tomassini

Tuesday .Decided to skip cross fit as the legs were still tired from the 2 days of running and climbing and just did an easy spin around Kings Park for an hour. Took my Roadie a beautiful Tomassini steel bike round the Park. Midland Cycling juniors were about but there was little traffic so it was an enjoyable ride .A good day for a cycle.Rode for an hour .

Wednesday. I had a really good nights rest with all the fatigue catching up on me. In the evening I ran to Mount Street near Kings Park and ran for 45 minutes up and down Mount Street. Basically 2 minutes up and 2  minutes down for 45 minutes. Then ran back to the office as a cool down. 70 minutes running about 8kms.It wasn't too hot but it was still hard running up Mount street.I estimated that the hill is about 42 m of elevation and I did about 32 m each time I ran so I did about 350 meters for the 45 minutes.

Thursday: Rode to cross fit on the steel bike and then we did Bring Up Sally Squat Challenge using 25kg bar (see video) and 3 exercises of 4 minutes.
A 5 Push press and 15 squats as many repeats in 4 minutes with 2 minutes break
B 1 Burpee and 5 slamballs as many repeats in 4 minutes with 2 minute break
C 5 sit ups and 20 mountain climbs.

Short session but the quads were hurting especially with Bring Up  Sally  .

360 Degree View  from DNA Tower at the end of the session

Looking down on  Boot camp training at the DNA Tower
Friday  : I was going to try and run in the morning but was just too tired .I did ride to work though.In the evening it was a 90 minute session with 5 minute warm up and then 35 minutes of walking up and down the DNA tower .I managed 19 climbs and then repeated it again. Total distance covered was only 4km but the elevation with 15m for each climb was 570m. There was only one boot camp trainer with 2 trainees and a few visitors for the 1.5 hrs . But on the other side of the Park it was packed with limousines and students going to various balls and people just taking in the view of the city from Kings Park. I have now spent more time at the Park then any other period in the past 20 years.

Saturday's WOD

Saturday .I was far too sore to ride so opted for a rest and in the arvo we did a half hour session called the ARIE . Starting with 75 squats then 25 Hollow-rocks and 25 clean/jerks burpees then followed by 20 of the 2 exercises , 15 and 10 and 5 finishing with a further 75 squats.

Sorento Surf & Life Saving Club Sunday Morning after the run
Sunday . Just a 2.5 hrs slow and easy walk /run on the coast . Probably the easiest Sunday run yet . Just the 2 of us for this as everyoneelse is in Bali and/or injured. Started with a walk and then a run and walk . I ran the last 18 minutes easy and the legs felt OK but I tried not to get the heart rate pumping too high .I also loaded up my pack so ran with a much heavier camel-back and it  felt OK.

At the heritage trail in John Forest National Park

Ended the day with an easy spin on the MTB with Jonathan just 10kms.

Run: 45kms or 7 hours
Bike: 90 kms or 3.5 hrs
Cross fit: 1.10
total : 11.8 hrs