Monday, February 9, 2015

NorthFace Week 4

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Running Buddy

Coming out from a long day on Sunday .The program was to back it up with a 12 km easy run on Monday.I ran 8km on a thread mill averaging the 8km in 6.3mins per km and then ran with Molly for the last 4km after work and she managed a hard and fast pace at the start with 2-3 stops and then ran on all the puddles and sat in one in the park and chased birds about whilst we ran back causing me to have to throw in a few sprints . the legs were tired from yesterday but felt better than the previous week . All in all about a 1.20 session of running

Tuesday .It was a stormy day and so I skipped Cross fit and riding in the wet. I visited Tim who is not well and then rode the indoor trainer for an hour doing 1 minute and 2 minute sprints.

Wednesday turned out to be a hot and humid day .I ran in the evening again at King's Park .I ran up to the DNA tower and then did 5 x 3min runs up the hill , 1 Kokoda track , and 2 runs up Lovekin Drive , a total of 8 runs up hill and then  a slow run back to the office. It was hot and managed 12.5km in 1.25

Thursday a relatively easier day. I rode to crossfit in the evening and then had a 30-40 minutes session with multiple workouts and then rode home early as the sky looked like it was going to open up.Legs were tired but I felt riding had become less taxing in the past 3 weeks so I think there are small incremental steps in the right direction.I weighed in tonight at just under 75kgs but the weight is fluctuating but generally dropping very slowly.

Jacobs ladder , King's Park
 Friday , an easy ride to work and  a 1hour session at Lunch time running to Jacobs ladder as a warm up and then did 6 climbs up to the top and back and then ran back to the office.It was hot and humid and there were about 6-8 people working out. it was rather steep but it's not ideal as I nearly broke my neck coming down looking at cleavage rather than the stairs lesson learnt from Confucius " is small mounds more dangerous than steep stairs".

Saturday: A short spin around the river with Exceeders .Lots of new faces and I went with the slow group who weren't very slow so I managed to try and hang on till Canning Hwy and then came back into the city as they went on through Shelley and back to the city. I managed about 43kms .In the afternoon and it was hot again did a cross fit session with 2 rounds of cleans and jerks 5 reps for maximum weight the burpees and kettle bells for points in 4 minute stages with a 2 minute rest between .it was a really short session of 22 minutes but hard.Manages a maximum weight of 52.5kgs and about 28/29 burpees for each 4 minute session.

Saturday's WOD

Sunday at King's Park

Sunday: Another early start .Still not used to getting up at 4 am on a Sunday .I got to Kings Park at 4.50am and surprisingly there are people about in the car park.There is a total fire ban with temperatures likely to soar to 40c so all the trails are closed. we started off with a fast walk of about 4kms and then Kokoda for about 13-14 times and then to the DNA tower for 10 climbs and back to Kokoda for another 8 ascents before finishing at the car park.That took 3.50 and we covered about 14.5km and about 1500-1600m .It got really humid and hot after 8am and so everyone was feeling the heat in the last hour . Had a few issues with my camel-back but got it sorted .I had at least 3litres of water and 300 calories of infinite and lollies as well so did not have and bonking issues at the end.the heart rate remained lower than the previous week and I did have issues with my throat and breathing possibly because there was smoke and haze about even if I could not smell it , my throat was sensitive to the early morning air and anything that would aggravate it in the atmosphere.

The rest of the day was just trying to recover although I did take Molly and Jonathan to the beach. Backing up the session with a run on Monday will be the test.

Bike : 4.5 hrs & 122km

Running : 7.75 hrs & 43 kms

Cross fit : 1.10
total : 13.75hrs