Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 3 NorthFace

Picture Northface 100 in 2011 from Running Beyond Blog

Week3 and it is starting to get a little more serious. The week started off easy with Australia day and 2 days of running or walking nearly 4 hours behind so Monday was a light day. I swam with Trevor and Les at Cottesloe .First swim since IMWA and managed 8 laps of about 200m   .It was a magic day with beautiful weather and calm clear water. We had coffee and muffins at Daisies and met up with Tim and his sister over from New Zealand. Lisa and Jessie , Trevor's wife and daughter joined us later . Unfortunately as Tim is not well the gathering was great but tinged with the sadness of how fragile everything is .

Tuesday and I rode in the evening and whilst it was muggy it wasn't as hot .Then a 30- 40 minute session of crossfit .  Rode home spinning in the small gear.

Wednesday I rode to work via King's Park to do a 30-40 minute run session on Forrest Drive. I saw a few runners and lots of riders especially the fast Brad hall girls team riding around.

Map Of King's Park

It was again pretty hot so I was pretty tired at the end of the session .I did not manage a full hour as I was just running out of time and tiring rapidly with the heat . Rode down to work . Rode for about 50 minutes and ran for about 30-40 minutes.

Thursday, I did an hour session of riding at Kings Park climbing lovekin Drive 4 times .Again another hot day and no one around late afternoon. I then went fro cross fit .We did a 45 minute session with 7 stations of exercise of 5 minutes with a 2 minute recovery  . Was a hot session.

Friday. I get to sleep in but did a run at lunch time .It was far too hot outside so I ran on the treadmill for 1 hour starting with a 10 minute warm up and then 10 x 3min @ 6kph on a 13% gradient with 90 secs recovery and then cool down. managed about 7km in total and some altitude .

Saturday .I did an indoor wind trainer session on the bike for 1 hour with sprints.That got the heart pumping and the body sweating.In the afternoon a 40 minute cross fit session with strength work.

Sat's WOD

Sunday was the long training day with a 4 hour session at king's Park. I managed to get some sleep having to wake up at 4am .Got to Kings Park just before 5am. Not many people about at that time. It was still dark so we ran 4kms first and then started to do the Kokoda Trail. I managed 8.5 laps before we ran to the DNA tower and did 10 climbs up the DNA Tower .Then back to the track for another 12 climbs before heading to the DNA Tower and running down to Lovekin drive and back to the Tower and 8 runs up the Tower and back to the Car park at Frasers . We managed it in 3hrs and 52 minutes.

Pictures of the track from the wayfaringfox blog

Picture of The KOKODA TRACK at Kings Park

At the end of a 4hr run at Kings Park