Monday, March 2, 2015

NorthFace WEEK 7

The Silver Buckle ..what you get if you finish NorthFace 100
under 14 hours and  the Bronze Buckle if under 20 hrs.

Monday. I again had to back the relatively long run on Sunday with a 15km easy run on Monday. I managed to split the run and ran 8km on a thread mill at lunch time averaging 6min/km and then 7km at an easy pace of about 7 min/km in the evening .Did the 15km in about 1.45

Tuesday.Muggy and  hot .I rode to  cross fit in the evening .We then did an hour of stretching and technique which was helpful. I then rode back .Distance rode 40km in about 1.45 . Was a good work out especially cycling back in the dark after cross fit .The legs were pretty tired and had a really sore hip and back from the stretches .

Wednesday.Fortunately not a long session but hard.I did it on the treadmill.Not ideal but better than not doing the work out at all. I ran for 6 minutes warm up and then 5 minutes at 6% @ 7.5kph and then 2 minutes @9kph flat .I repeated that again then moved up to 6.5 % for the next 4 and followed by a cool down of 6 minutes and ran about 7km. I would have climbed about 400m.

Thursday's session
Thursday: Rode to cross fit and as there was just the 3 of us we did a short but hard session with 4 exercises (see picture ) I found the bench press pretty tough with a 40kg weight . Then rode home .All in a  2.5 hr session.

George at the Bottom of the DNA Tower

The Frenchman at the end of 1 hr of DNA Tower

At the top

View from the Tower
Friday: Rode to work which was just a 1/2 hour cycle into the city and then in the evening a tough session of 1hr 20 min with a 5 minute warm up and then 30 minutes of climbing the DNA Tower (15m altitude) and then another run down to the Kokoda trail and back about 1.5km and then another 30 minutes of climbing . In the end I managed just under an hour of climbing and 40 x  DNAs@15m so about 600m plus Kokoda another 65 m .I ran into George and so he did the same workout although he pushed me hard and I was 1 climb behind him in the end. That workout did hurt the legs. After all that I had only done about 5kms .

Saturday's WOD

Saturday. Had a sleep in as yesterdays work out was tiring . I did ride in the arvo with a 30km ride before cross fit but going easy and spinning in the small chain ring. At cross fit we did wall balls and pull-ups  , just lots of them and then stretches. Rode home for a 40km ride with cross fit.

Breakfast after the hike at King's park
Ending a training week with a walk at the Dog Beach
Sunday . I got up at 4am and got to Kings Park for the main session of the week starting at 5 am 3 cars in the car park and a police patrol . The 4 of us , Lisa, Michele ,Nimal and myself stated out at Jacob's ladder .We did an hour of walking up and down Jacob's I managed 12 and 2/3's as Michelle powered ahead of all of us.We then walked to Kokoda and did an hour with 10 climbs and then to the DNA tower where we ran and then did a few climbs up the Tower I managed 15 climbs and 2 runs of about 10 minutes duration .We finished the session after 3.5 hrs . The quads were pretty tired but possibly from the sessions on Friday and the ride on Saturday as well. Happy with the effort . I also tested tailwind nutrition. Had 350 calories worth and had no issues. It was good to start early as it was getting pretty warm by 8am .For the 3.5 hours I managed only 13 kms and about :
Jacobs Ladder : 43 x 12.6 = 541m
Kokoda : 10 x 65 = 650m
DNA Tower : 15 x 15 = 225m
Total: 1416m

The total for the week would be about 2300 to 2400m.

Total Training schedule:
Run: 40 km or 7.35hrs & 25
Bike: 128km  or 5.15
cross fit : 2.25 hrs
Total :15.15 hrs