Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 7 - KOM WEEK


 Dolphins in the river chasing fish Run

The last week before a more concerted effort in training despite the cold weather conditions.

Monday was again a rest day after the weekend of activities as work and a talk in the evening prevented any training.

On Tuesday , I ran at lunch time and managed my first 5min pace run for 7kms in over a year . Did the 7km in about 36minutes with  a stop to take the picture of the dolphins in the river chasing a school of fish .It was a cold but clear cloudless day in Perth. In the evening had Cross Fit focusing on back squats and snatches. The quads were really sore.

Wednesday , a 7km easy slow run at lunchtime and watt bike session in the evening. Had a 12 minute warm up with 5 x 3 minutes @ 265+watts and 100 cadence with 3 minutes recovery. At the end of the session the Heart rate was at 95% of max heart rate.

Thursday I managed to get out of bed and do a ride at Nedlands with 3 rounds of about 5km at threshold pace with another 2 kms recovery . The legs were pretty sore but held the pace on the slight incline. Still pretty slow but got the heart pumping .Then back to the city for breakfast .In the evening it was cross fit .Interesing session called sugar crush and had to do 150 Push press and 100 burpees. I used a 30kg bar for the Push-press . After the session on the way home I actually threw up .a first after a cross fit session but the intensity in a short period tipped it into the chucking category of routines. the quads were pretty sore.

Friday , i had an easy day at the office with Lunch at Fremantle so I rode to work and then to Fremantle and back home. total distance was 77kms but at a very slow average as there was a bit of wind heading to Fremantle but heading home was quite nice. After Thursday's session the legs did hurt on the ride and hence my speed was just slow.

Saturday , I decided to skip another long ride but did the cross fit session. it was a little better with 150 hollow rocks , 75 cleans and  50 Turkish Get Ups  .

Saturday Boris fit

Borisfit Crew at KOM 2014
Finish Line KOM

Sunday , after a less than ideal night with Molly being restless at 1am , I got up at 6.30 and got to the start of the King of the Mountain (KOM) A great 16km race from Helena Primary school to Mundaring. Last time I raced it in 2011 after Ironman Lanzarote with minimal training I managed a 1.28 .This time round with more weight and just trying to get back to fitness , I ran a 1.35 about 30 secs a km slower. But pretty happy with the progress. I managed to pass a few runners in the last 1.2km uphill and besides the quads I felt good. I have lots of weight to drop and hopefully will be able to get back to the 2011 pace.

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