Friday, June 6, 2014

Week 3 Rest

No real structure yet other than a broad and lose arrangement of training. I had a relatively easy week as I have not really got down to the discipline of early morning rises and my body clock is still adjusting to a more triathlete friendly sleep time.

Tuesday I ran 6.4km on the treadmill and then did cross fit in the evening . It was a good sessions of lots of squats in the warm up and then it was just picking an exercise to aim for a new PB for weight .Did back squats and managed to lift 82.5kgs a new PB by 7.5kgs.

Wednesday , I did another run of 7kms and then had my watt bike session in the evening.I rode there and back home and had a 45 minutes session comprising 15 minute warm up and then 5minutes at a cadence of 99 and wattage of 225 and then a recovery for 5 minutes x 3 with a recovery of 5 minutes at the end. Always a hard session but managed to average 34kph for the whole session  and then rode home .

Thursday , I rode to work and then in the evening rode to Cross fit from Stirling and then back .Another good session of Cross fit working as a team.

Friday , I ran in the evening a very slow run of 11 km and then had the whole weekend resting.Felt a little fatigue and with a number of home duties and commitments it was a good rest . Sunday was spent helping out at the KEP 100 run being a volunteer at one of the road crossings about 75kms into the race.

The week was an easy recovery week as I tried to ease back into training.