Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 4

Mundaring weir

Picture of Perth City from Zig Zag
Still a slow start with not too much volume but just trying to get into a routine. The weather has been steadily getting cooler.

Monday I ran 7km at Lunch time with a hard pace and first time doing 5.15 pace and had a good rest day .Tuesday ran at lunch time , again a bit quicker and averaging 5.30 pace and then had cross fit in the evening. Wednesday again a short run of about 8km and then a wind trainer session .I rode from work and then again on Thursday morning . In the evening did cross fit and rode about 20 km from Boris's place and back to the car . On Friday another slow run of 8km .

Saturday , a really cold morning and had a late start.Rode into the hills alone and did 3.5 hrs with a 90km circuit through the hills of Helena valley and Darlington to Mundaring and then Kalamunda , returning back via Zig Zag . Went for Cross fit in the afternoon.

On Saturday , I had a short run of 3 kms with Molly and then mountain biking with Kevin Chua and a few north Coasters at Mudaring. Took a few tumbles and the legs were really sore after the Saturday ride .Took over 1.5 hrs just to ride 14kms  with a lot of climbing . I was slow and hesitant and had a sore left knee after a tumble but no damage.

Overall, a good week of training .
Bike: 5.5 hrs or 190kms
Mountain bike : 1.5 hrs 14 km
run: 33kms or 3.2 hrs
cross fit : 3 hrs
Total : 13.2 hrs

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